About Swissdoc.

Why is there no website to book an appointment online with a doctor in Switzerland?

Swissdoc was created to meet this need and provide a new health service. 

Founded in Geneva in 2015, Swissdoc aims to enable Swiss people to simplify their daily health requirements by providing an innovative service that allows them to book appointments with health professionals online, 24/7. 

By providing patients with geolocation data, accurate information about the practitioners and the time slots actually available for medical appointments, Swissdoc helps patients manage their health more simply. 

As a genuine interface between health professionals and patients, the Swissdoc platform aims to help bring healthcare into the digital era. As a service offered completely free of charge, Swissdoc considerably reduces the time required to book medical appointments, while the reminders and practical information provided simplify the everyday lives of patients. 

By providing you with simple tools to manage your health and that of your loved ones, Swissdoc aims to improve access to quality healthcare in Switzerland.

Swissdoc is a rapidly growing company that continues to develop its activity throughout Switzerland based on a philosophy that values excellence and simplicity.

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