Achieve your true potential with Swissdoc

Swissdoc helps you optimise your appointment management.

Save time

As soon as a time slot is freed up, you can immediately make it available online. This way, you make the most out of your schedule.

Remain available 24 hours a day

Consumer preferences have changed. Your patients wish to contact you seven days a week. Swissdoc allows you to broaden your activities by making you available 24 hours a day, while remaining in control of your schedule.

Optimise your schedule

The appointment reminders we send to patients have a direct impact on their attendance rate and reduce the number of no-shows.

Connect your medical practice

Be in tune with your patients' needs. By allowing them to book an appointment online, you meet their expectations and offer them an innovative service.

Connect your medical practice

Join Swissdoc

  • Strengthen the relationship with your patients:

    By giving your patients the option of booking appointments online, you offer them more flexibility in terms of health management and a simplified experience. Our appointment reminders sent through customised email and text messages help strengthen your relationships.

  • Increase the performance of your reception desk:

    As a supplement to traditional phone calls, Swissdoc online services make it easier to organise upcoming appointments while lightening the workload at your reception desk.

  • Expand your patient base:

    Help new patients find you easily.

  • Attract patients seeking your expertise:

    Your customised Swissdoc profile provides your patients with accurate information: since they are informed of your procedures, the equipment used in your practice, your specialties and updated availability, they choose you according to their needs.

Appointments can be booked 24 hours a day

Whatever the time, patients have access to your profile and can book an appointment, whether or not your reception desk is open.

Instant transmission

When a patient books an appointment via our platform, you are instantly informed.

Integrated search engine

You will appear in online searches made by patients according to your speciality, on the Swissdoc website and application.


Since your calendar is synchronised in real time, you remain totally in control.


You can post a profile picture and upload images of your practice.

Customised profile

As a genuine mini website, your customised profile shows your specialities together with practical details regarding your practice and the procedures you perform.

Complete control over your schedule

The Swissdoc platform allows you to easily manage your availability. You are fully in control of your schedule and you are the one who decides the times available for patients to book appointments.

Save time on paperwork

Since your patients preregister on the website, the people at your reception desk can instantly access a patient’s administrative data. The increased readability and reduced risk of errors help you save time.

Maximum accessibility

You can access your schedule at any time from your practice, your tablet or your mobile phone.

Real-time synchronisation

All changes made to your schedule are updated in real time for all users.

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